Beautiful Nails

Beautiful Nails

You must take proper care of your nails so they look good. To keep your nails healthy and looking good some time and effort on your part will be required.

To make your nails look beautiful, you can apply nail polish or use art nails. Art nails are basically fake nails you can stick on your nail. Art nails are available in hundreds of designs and colors. You can choose from many different designs. You can even wear art nails that match your outfit.

As for nail polish, there are hundreds of colors and great shades. You can find every color from red, navy blue, and black. You can also find nail polish in glossy colors or colors with a matte finish. One of the salient points of nail polish is that it can hide any flaw in your nail and at the same time provide a protective cover.

One of the most common types of nail polish is the base coat, which will prepare your nails for the actual solid color nail polish. The base coat will protect your nails from getting discolored due to applying color nail polishes. The top coat of a nail polish also known as the clear coat is normally used on dry nail polish for protecting and hardening the color. It will protect the color from chipping off.

Nail Polish

Tips for keeping your nails in great condition

How do you get really stunning nails?

  •  Apply some nail varnish remover just prior to coloring your nails. You can use the varnish even if you don’t need to remove your old polish. The main function of the varnish is that it will make your nails look better by removing any kind of dirt or grease. This will also help the nail polish last longer and not chip off.
  • Always ensure that the wait time after applying a nail varnish is long enough so each layer is allowed to dry. This will also ensure that you get a lasting finish.
  • To remove excess nail varnish, always use a cotton ball and remove it from the top of the bottle. This will  prevent the nail varnish bottle from becoming glued shut.
  • There are a number of cosmetic companies that sell nail polish with matching lip stick colors. Using the same color on your nails as the color of your lipstick will definitely enhance your overall appearance. Alternatively, you can even use nail colors that are in contrast with the lip stick colors.
  • It is always best to apply numerous thin color coats of nail polish as compared to a single coat of thick color. Numerous thin coats results in nail polish that will last longer.
  • Avoid removing and then reapplying nail polish more than twice a week. If you remove and apply nail polish 3 or 4 times a week your nails may become dry and brittle. Also, purchase a nail polish remover that has a built-in moisturizer so that you can protect your nails from drying out.
  • You should give your hand and fingers a little massage from time to time so that the blood circulation is maintained. Good blood circulation means that there will be good nail growth.

Finally, eat healthy so that the color of your nails doesn’t become yellowish. As long as you maintain a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, your nails will look beautiful and healthy. To make your style statement bolder, wear a different color on your finger nails than your toe nails.

At the end of the day, coloring your nails is just another way of pampering yourself.